Silver service canteen of cutlery 132 pieces

Silver service canteen of cutlery 132 pieces

Code: 2563


Silver canteen of cutlery, made in Sheffield 1973.  The set is complete for twelve people inside a teak box with 2 drawers and a top compartment.  Comprising of 132 pieces of sterling silver cutlery.  Silver weight 7 kilograms approx.  Gross weight approximately 8175g.

The top holds twelve table knives with silver handles and stainless steel blades, twelve table forks, twelve dessert or salad knives with silver handles and stainless steel blades , 8 dessert or salad forks. Two carving knives, two carving forks and knife sharpener wiht silver handles and stainless ends.

The middle drawer contains four silver dessert or salad forks, twelve silver fish knives with silver blades, and twelve silver fish forks. Twelve silver teaspoons, twelve coffee spoons with gold plated bowls.

The bottom drawer holds twelve silver soup spoons, twelve silver dessert spoons, two silver sauce ladles, one silver soup ladle.  The cutlery is hallmarked James Dixon's & Sons, Sheffield 1973.

The set is displayed inside a teak box with brass handles.  Everything is present.  

The box measures:  Width 46 cm, Height 27.5 cm, Depth 34.3 cm. There are three keys. 

Meaurements of cutlery:  Table knives 25cm y table forks 21.2cm / cake knives 22.3cm y tcake forks 18.4cm

Carving knives 34.5 y 30.7 / fish knives 22cm y fish forks 18.8cm /  desert spoons 18.2cm / soup spoons 18cm 

soup ladle 30.4cm  / sauce ladles 18.6cm / tablespoons 21.7cm